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May 10, 2017

Start it with a yawn. Maybe the Bill of Rights? Fake people, fake parts, fake city. A monument to "decent sin." The Man Who Was Thursday - A Nightmare. The Diabolist. Error is worse than a crime. A Free lover is worse than a profligate. An Evangelist for sin. Why Clinton was scarier than Trump. I'm tapping my head right now. Why the Left needs Bannon. You're going to go out and bed a woman. Sherlock and Moriarty. Shout out to the St. Greg's Boys. 

May 4, 2017

Ruiner! Meano! Poopy Butt! Early warning signs. Can children experience depression? Fill in the blank: Depression is __ times more common for women than for men. Are generational issues passed down genetically or through habit, observation and culture? What is the number one factor that leads to progress in therapy? Dr Greg: "Depression pulls people into themselves and it pulls them back to yesterday." Anxiety make people live in tomorrow. Live for today! What does psychology have in common with a burn unit in a hospital? How can we be a better therapist for our loved ones? What are the two main reasons people are more likely to open up to a therapist than to their family and friends? Tea time for the kids. What does success in therapy look like for someone who struggles with depression?

May 3, 2017

Words matter. A neighborhood is where your neighbor is. The atomic particle of planning. The 5-minute/quarter-mile walk throughout history. Not just for houses anymore.. Don't forget your atypical week. Fresno? Fres-yes? Mr. Roger's. Walkscore. How many destinations are within 5 minute's walk of your house? 

May 2, 2017

No fooling... this is serious business - Depression. Lassoing psychologists. Welcome to Dr. Greg. What is Depression? What are the symptoms? Skyrocketing use of antidepressants. Suicide and depression. "Thirteen Reasons Why" critique. The role of Social Media. The role of the family.

Apr 27, 2017

Cheesiest intro in the history of podcasts. Fellow???!!! Noted Manspreader... You can be anything you want... and you had better be! What is a feminist? The greatest Patriarchi of all time! The absurdity of maternity leave. She actually has less blood flow to her brain?  "The drag it home and kill it kid of guy". It's easier if you kill it first.. Grandma can't help you. You can't have it all. Can you be pro-life and feminist? Taxing intact families and subsidizing women that need help. Sometimes there are no answers. It's not that great. Life has limitations

Apr 25, 2017

Afraid of feminism... Mansplaining and Manspreading explained. History of the Charging Bull. Corporate exploitation of real art. Shouldn't SHE should be riding the bull? What is Feminism? 

Apr 19, 2017

Homily by St John Chrysostom..

Apr 13, 2017

WWF... Ready to Rumble!!!! Lots of smart people don't understand what the American Dream is. Equality of opportunity. Where's your music East Coast? We have floods for culture. Amy Chua books- "Tiger Mother" and "The Triple Package". Two parents give a big leg up. The government wants everybody to be comfortable with taking handouts. Government kills charity. individuals can't be trusted to administer charity because they will discriminate. How do we get there from here? California standing up for states rights. He might actually be hurt this time...

Apr 11, 2017

Old people and their music... "And we're going to our death..." The Wicke's 3-year old is GĂ©rard Depardieu. Heather McDonald from Citi Journal got shouted down at Claremont McKenna. Should we have more or less punching in the face? "Weaponized victimy." The fantasy every boy has had during church... Bureaucrats in the Shire. Occupy movement was made up of druggies and communists. The answer is schoolboy mischief! 

Apr 7, 2017

The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Are Gotham's citizens worthy of trust or not? Memento and Insomnia. Is what is true ever at odds with what is right? Is "The Noble Lie" ever justified? "There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth" - Charles Dickens.

Apr 6, 2017

Charles Dickens to the rescue. Does the "Benedict Option" make sense? Pope Francis and Amoris Laetitia. Can we still create good art as a culture?

Apr 5, 2017

Everyone has to feel valued. For whom are towns and cities designed? Drivers vs walkers. How wide should a street be? How narrow can it be? Subsidizing speed. Risk Homeostasis - I knew it! I had been feeling a little too safe. Faster traffic discourages walking. Adding injury to insult. Who is more important - people in the cars or outside the cars? There is no neutral option. 

Apr 4, 2017

Why can't we all just get along? Queen Mary. Three Amigos. Victor Davis Hanson. Why do folks in rural areas tend to think and vote so differently than urban dwellers? The cow is out of the barn, Laura Ingalls Wilder on commodities, City dwellers are more close minded than they think.

Mar 31, 2017

Best superhero origin story ever? It's not about super heroes? Dig beneath the obvious story to see the creator's deeper message. A super hero that doesn't know he's super. "Real life doesn't fit in little boxes." It's his best story. It's mainly about marriage. The name Unbreakable takes on a different meaning if the real story is about the marriage built upon a lie. 

Mar 30, 2017

Could they possibly be misogynist? What do you love about them? Are there female virtues? Too much fun for lent? Are fish tacos too good for Friday in lent? He likes money even less than he likes fun. We're not talking about Captain von Trapp. Maria is von Trapp is the female Han Solo. What makes her so lovable? Can female characters stand on their own? What is Maria's power? Dancing as an analogy for relationships, female virtue. "Dignity of Women" by JP The Great. Maria von Trapp creates more love in others. The exemplar female character receives love in order to give love. Women care alchemists of love. A good woman makes men want to be better men. She needs skills but not bow-staff skills; music, art, poetry, creativity, intellectual achievement. It all started when she sat on the pinecone. Dhammy's rules for life. Corsets down on the farm. What about Amelia Earhart? Do great women of science, aviation, etc go about their pursuits in a different way than men or are men and women alike in those areas? Is living for something harder than dying for something? The beloved female character doesn't seems to be vivacious and enliven those around them.

Mar 29, 2017

Frightening, Tedious, and Important..., Zoning - Not a fan!, For civilization to work we have to have laws governing how we live near one another, Zoning distinction: Interface and Core, We have to be social...?, Treat others with respect, Decorum doesn't contradict personal liberty, Zoning: theory and application, So that's why skyscrapers get narrower as they go up!, Zoning carpet baggers, Use-based zoning based on the "Core", Form-based zoning based on "Interface"... Decide!

Mar 28, 2017

Is there a MCF - Most Competent Female?, The female character that everybody loves?, Hottest cartoon chick ever, She hates Anne of Green Gables?, What is a Manic Pixie Dream Girl?, He spends some time flexing, Natasha wasn't contrived, "Wolverine would be your bro", You have to love Mary Hatch Bailey, She was like a stout little french pony, "A girl that is totally alive is an unearthly force", Laura Ingalls has that fire but checks it, But what do the women like about the MCF? "...your face isn't interesting at all", Who is getting voted off the podcast?, Is there a set of virtues that are explicitly female? 

Mar 24, 2017

"A Man Escaped" - Entertainment vs art, Identify the tools of the story teller, "Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures" - Henry Ward Beecher, Note the use of sound, "The ear goes toward the within", There is no doubt about the existence of a deeper metaphysical message, We are often our own jailers, Not for your average movie-goer. "Entertainment gives you a predictable pleasure. But art leads to transformation", Entertainment is a component in the great works, Don't just consume, Expect more.

Mar 23, 2017

Close out the Daniel Craig Window, Men are the worst..., A lot of my favorite people are chauvinists, Helping Brendan tame his toxic male 3-year old, How parents turn their boys into overly macho men, weaponized male feelings, The problem of "The Unfixed Male", The saga of Shoot-Ass the Miniature Mule, Breaking News: Biology plays a role in human affairs, Little boys tend to turn things into swords, Little girls tend to turn things into dresses and babies, Camille Paglia: Men aren't the worst, Only the mother remembers everything she has done for them, Helen of Troy isn't just beautiful, Make your boys competent, Give them responsibility, They need to know how to fight, Football is a substitute for war, "Sorry, nature exists", "Fr. Nick Blaha says..."

Mar 21, 2017

Why do we love Wolverine? A conversion experience? You want to go wrestle something, He shoots webs out of where? They had to watch a lot of Hugh Jackman movies, "I'm a nice man", No one has ever thought about Scott Summers, "oh no - the most competent male is here!", Gaston is too dumb, Scarlet O'hara is the excellent beast?, They would be the sire of the herd, Listener question of the week, Recommended Easter cockt

Mar 17, 2017

Favorite vs best, God Father I & II not his favorite or the best, The perfect American tragedy, It's Irish, It's Prohibition era, It's less evil, "All their wars are merry and all their songs are sad", It's sarcastic, It's optimistic. Where are those pitchforks?

Mar 16, 2017

Gird up the loins of your minds listeners... this isn't your Grandmother's cocktail party, Blue collar vs White collar kids, Is Work just a means to an end? You have to work to survive?? This is Trump's America..., IOANNES PAULUS PP. II LABOREM EXERCENS, "Work is a good thing for man", Work is essentially tied to man's nature and dignity, A serious intellectual and a serious 2nd grader is never far from their flash cards, Toil leads to death, Man's dominion is good for the earth/environment, To what extent is leisure passive? What does a good day look like for us? Work as service of others, How do to you teach your children to look for opportunities for dominion, A man produces more than he consumes, Alexa thinks she has a seat at the table, Listener question of the week, Human tragedy inserts itself into cocktail party, Fear and pain, Final thoughts.

Mar 15, 2017

How might a bad joke start? What's the difference between a street and a road? It's time to fight back! Always start with common usage, Always start with John Denver, A short road or a street with no houses and stores? A street is where the life of the city takes place, Chuck Marohn Strong Towns blog, Stroads are the worst, Stroads are the Futon of the Infrastructure world, Here's some homework...

Mar 14, 2017

This is the appetizer... The meat and potatoes are on Thursday. This is all mirth and jocularity. For those of you that don't like the cocktail party chit-chat check back in on Thursday for a more (very) serious discussion of "work".

Jockeying for position, Crunchy snacks, Earl Gray Tea Martini, Legitimate chicken with it's head cut off, One room school house garden, You stuff your pillows with it?, She's obsessive compulsive, There's nothing worse than female hands, George Washington time travels?, They're currently lame, Make the grandparents do it, Should kids do manual labor even if they will end up making a living working on a computer, Weak flaccid hands

Mar 10, 2017

The Iron Giant, Excellent voice work by Vin Diesel, You are who you choose to be, Childish or Child-like? "Animators are great observers", A cure for the blindness of spirit that comes from age

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